A:There are four main types of events – 

Introduction to Shibari and Fundamentals classes, which are both being held regularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Introduction class is a one hour long brief which includes a short explanation regarding the origin of Shibari and Kinbaku, safety guidelines and introduction to basic tie “a single column tie” locked in a reef or a granny knot, which is the foundation on which most of the patterns being taught by us are built on. In this class you can practice on your own. This class is being held every Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm to 9pm and is mandatory to be passed by every new participant at least once! 

Fundamentals is a series of 10 classes, each focusing on a different pattern, technic or principle in Shibari or Kinbaku. These classes are mostly not fit for sole participants. We suggest you ask in advance when you enroll. This class is being held every Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm to 11:45pm, and for which, you must enroll in advance via our booking app.

Fundamentals Plus These classes are your stepping stone into the more complex world of Shibari and Kinbaku, whether if it’s technical or mental, we will deepen our practical knowledge and the way we connect and read our partners. This class is fit for those who’ve already experienced with ropes and are able to tie a solid gote and futomomo. 
This class is being held every other Friday (in weekends in which Intermediate class is not occuring) from 7:00pm to 10pm, and for which, you must register in advance via our booking app.

Intermediate classes, which are being held on Friday evening, every other weekend.
These classes are fit for participants (both riggers and models) who have a prior experience in suspensions (ties in which the model is hanging from a bamboo/ring).
This is also a series class, each focusing on a different style of suspensions, each with a different difficult level – both for the rigger and the model. These classes are not fit for sole participants. For this class you must register in advance. Please note – not all who desire to take part in these classes may attend. The option to decline a request is reserved for the staff of the studio in case the participant does not stand in the required level of experience.
This class is being held every other Friday from 7:00pm to 10pm, and for which, you must register
 in advance via our booking app.

Open Jams, occur regularly every Friday and Saturday.
This is not a class. To the jams you can arrive without registering in advance, Alone or with a partner. The atmosphere is intimate and is fit for private sessions. You could also practice what you had learned in class with the aid of the present staff members.
Open jams are being held on Fridays from 10pm to 1am and on Saturdays from 8pm to 11:30pm.
You must register in advance via our booking app.

There are few more types of unique events:

Introduction to Suspension workshop – intended for riggers and models who want and feel ready to learn suspensions. The workshop includes various content, including safety, basic anatomy, rope management, efficient work, locking of suspension lines and more. 
This workshop is being held once every once in a while (depends on demand) and is 6 hours long. This workshop is for couples only. You must register and pay in advance (for each workshop, there is an active eventbuzz link from which, you can purchase a couples ticket).

Kinbaku Show Night – an evening which includes 2-3 shibari performances/sessions starring the studio staff, students and international presentors.

Public Session – One couple in one intimate Kinbaku session, leading a night of open jam.

Classes – 50 NIS / person
Jams – 25 NIS / person
Introduction to Suspension WS – 150 NIS / couple
Kinbaku Show Night and Public Session – varies from 50 to 70 NIS / person

We also have a loyalty ticketing system
4 classes/8 jams – 180 NIS (45 NIS per class, 22.5 NIS per jam)
8 classes/16 jams – 350 NIS (43.75 NIS per class, 21.875 NIS per jam)
12 classes/24 jams – 500 NIS (41.66 NIS per class, 20.83 NIS per jam)

A:There is no dress code for any of the events, but we deeply advice you arrive with comfortable clothing if you intend to be tied. We also recommend bringing with you something warm to wear such as a sweatshirt or a warm blanket. The air-conditioner is always on.

A:Coronavirus update – until further notice, there are no communal ropes in the studio. You must bring your own or purchase at the studio.
For most classes, 4 ropes should suffice.
For any class that requires suspension lines, all participants must bring a set of at least 8 ropes fit for suspension.

A:We offer processed jute ropes for sell in the studio at the price of 60nis each or 200nis for a set of 4 (now plus free 1 entry). If you choose to buy elsewhere you may search the web for shibari or performance rope, just make sure they are either made of jute or hemp threads.

A: Covid19 Update: due to the corona virus outbreak, registration to all our events are for couples only.

If you don’t have a partner, you can join our Facebook group Entwined, post and respond to the people in our community and maybe find a suitable partner.

There’s a full guide here.

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